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Our founder who is an engineer by profession, discovered his passion for photography in his early 20s. His passion for nature photography and experiments with light has won him many awards and recognition at international and corporate level. It was when his daughter was born, he realised his gift with baby photography. Recognising the desire that all parents want to capture those precious first moments, but were constrained from the know how - he decided to bridge the gap. He realised that he could bring in a fresh perspective to baby portraiture. Confident that parents would fall in love with his creative images, he decided to pursue his passion and begin a home-based photography business. A self-taught photographer, with no business experience, he had the drive and the talent to turn his home-based business into something much larger. He turned the activity room into his “studio” and thus yzarC Studio came into being. He is supported by his wife and a team who are well versed in the arena of professional photography and art and are determined to deliver best quality services with highest customer satisfaction.



People often ask the inspiration and meaning behind the name "yzarC Studio". When the business concept was conceived to specialize on Just Born Photography, people termed it as a very crazy idea. Determination to succeed our founder coined the name "yzarC", which is the reverse of Crazy.