Alamparai Fort or Alampara is located near Kadappakkam, a village 50 km from Mamallapuram overlooking the sea. This fort was constructed in the late 17th century during the Mughal era. It is told that the Alamparai Fort once had a 100-metre long dockyard stretching into the sea. This fort was given to the French by Nawab Doste Ali Khan. When French were defeated by the British, the fort was captured and destroyed in 1760 AD and more recently the structure was further damaged during the Tsunami.

Today there is nothing to substantiate the word ‘Fort’ as you will see only few fragments of the wall standing amongst the ruins. But that does not spoil the beauty of the place and when you climb up on the ‘footsteps along the wall; you will witness one of the  most beautiful landscapes. Backwaters & Sea separated by small patch of sandbars, several small boats roaming around fishing etc. A strip of sand bar in between the sea and fort forms the backwaters. the backwater is thriving with life. Army of one armed crabs, birds & lots of fishes like Tisha, Side Spotted and Cat fish. Rich in sea life this place has a small fishing community closeby who earn their living by carrying their fishing activities along with backwaters. The locals are always ready to offer you a trip to the distant sandbars in their boat. Alamparai is one of the favourite locations for yzarC Studio for couple photography. We did few parenting shoot with kids to capture the magical moments, having fun at the sea. This is place is also ideal for nature photography.

We typically plan our trip to this place during the month of September-January as the climate is more favourable. This time we arrived at the location at 11:00am after a heavy breakfast at the hotel as we were well aware that nearest hotel for decent food was 10km away. We stopped by the shop on ECR to buy enough bottled water reserves for the day. We departed from the main road (12.2817414, 79.9902073) and entered the small road leading to our destination. As we drove along the small road, we crossed the village market, temple pond and stopped near the fish market on the road side to get some bait for fishing. The locals were very cooperative and helped us with some fresh squids which later would become the bait for fishes. As we arrived at our final destination, we abandoned our car(12.266391, 80.010482) and continued our adventure on foot to the fort.

On arrival we were greeted by a beautiful beach which was swept clean by the thundershowers previous night. The water was receding after a high tide which actually was a bad timing for fishing. We waded through the shallow waters to the closest sandbar to settle down with our gear. We unpacked our stuff and did some fishing. We were lucky to get a greedy red crab caught on to our fishing line. A local boy joined us in the fun and he took us into the water in his small boat. We spent some more time in the water swimming and enjoying the beauty of the place. We got ourselves cleaned at the hand pump near car parking and bid goodbye to the place.


# Be careful while walking barefoot in the fort as small thorns are around.

# Be careful while wading through the waters as sharp shells can lead to injury.

# Be careful while picking the shells from the shore as some may have little crabs inside.

# Be careful as you venture into deeper waters. It is recommended to stay in shallow waters.

# While parking vehicle, ensure that the wheels are on firm ground and not into the loose sand..

# Incase your tires gets stuck inside sand, contact the locals; tractors are available for rescue.


# Hotel Midway

​# Hotel Rythem

5 September 2016: Alamparai Fort